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  • At me all is good!

    Began while only "fan" switching-off of hot water. It when one week is both hot and cold water, and the next week there is only cold water. When we shall get used to such mode, then will begin to increase time of switching-off... Probably again have recollected words of the poet Vladimir Majakovski:

    Nails to do of these people
    In the world it would not be more strong than nails...

    "Fan" the switching-off of the electric power, fortunately, while is not present. Well to use a wind for accumulation of energy; for the computer and household devices!
    Therefore it will be necessary to hurry with Internet by construction (including to look for places on others servers). If the next year in Russia the time wage of the telephone will be entered, cost of work in Internet becomes very much, very much, very much, expensive pleasure. Cost 1 business hour in Internet-cafe 1-3 $. The minimum level of payment of work per one month for Russia is equal 3 $, and it is not assessed. And minimal living wage a minimum =851 roubles. It less than 22 $ per one month on one man.
    Exclaim.GIF (1443 bytes)I think how to optimize work in Internet in extreme conditions... When it is necessary to test not only page, but also computers, on which I work in Internet. The problems arise not only in connection with absence of the necessary software. Even if the necessary software is present, it can be in a different condition (is correct to function, or to function not in complete volume:(( (30 days Download). Probably reason of stagnation also in distinctions of the references of a type a file, and references such as URL. The process pumping of files andpreparation of page occurs on different computers? I shall try nevertheless to make exacter conclusions. It is a pity to spend more than three months that it is possible to make for 2 weeks.
    Still large problems for experiments with a sound. Even in those Internet-cafe, where there are sound cards and the headphones not always can be drivers of necessary formats. Moreover, these drivers on separate computers can be put "crookedly". And on that computer, for which I work??! Most likely, for a cheap sound card there is no driver for the given version of Operational system of the computer. And it is necessary also on it to spend personal time, which it is not enough, and money of.
    I recollect Russian national song, which with feeling to sing by the remarkable actors in film of the producer Djordg Danelia "Kin-Dsa-Dsa" :

    The mum, mum, what we shall do, when the winter colds will begin?
    At me is not present winter headscarf, you do not have winter coat... However, if will disconnect everything, I shall write the multimedia-dissertation in environment Internet under light of a candle, or oil-stove! :)) Then time will be enough.

  • I shall try GIF of the Professional Mindworks. Устанавка GIF  Профессионала Алхимией Mindworks
  • Has entered the name in the Russian State Library Where the powerful computers Intel are established Pentium II (CDRom+sound in 116 rooms), which have an input in Internet. On capacity, software and speed of connection computers, Established in library on some orders it is better than in many Moscow Internets - cafes! During holidays more than 50 letters were received. The quality of connection was bad. In Internet - cafe for 1 hour it was possible to open only 5-6 letters. For 1 business hour on computers it was possible to see(overlook) all the letters, not read by me!
  • I continue repair of an apartment real and virtual. It will be possible to expand a virtual apartment, probably already now.
  • The list of Internet - cafe is complemented.
  • Has begun experiment: For what time it is possible to learn to work on the computer and in Internet?
    Masters the computer and WWW three times champion of the world and 5 times the champion of Europe on Marathon race, which never worked on the computer. Her husband uses the computer only for game in a chess, and to the computer nobody supposes. But while he is in holiday...
  • The creation of sports page is planned. Let's begin with Marathon race and over Marathon race. I think, that prior to the beginning New York Marathon race, already something will appear. Sport Page (This heavy easy athletics)
  • 2000

    I proceed with Office 97 on Office 2000!

    Really, on one computer, and even on the same winchester it is possible to work and with Office 97 and Office 2000. But has returned to the previous version Microsoft Internet Explorer as browser is designed on Unicode, instead of on ASCI txt of files of code page 1251. Notepad is in anyone Internet-cafe. And even Office 95 - is very rare. Therefore it is necessary:)) " to brake laptyamyh(it is footwear from rind of trees, which was put on in Russia with hundred years back. Now it very much exotic) ". I shall address to Office 2000 resource:
    Behind the additional information on Unicode I shall address to this resource:
    I am engaged in construction of a starting platform for teleportation and to project " GRRAHWYTSAP"(Means of movement, which to seize gravitation)! Ah, oh, Ah, business - plan what to write? The helicopter? - It is good! ; The plane? - It is good! A steamship? - It is good! But the broom - it is better! Travel on transport has risen in price (to 50%), on the brooms we wait to raise...!

  • scanner hr6

    Study of the scanner ColorPage HR6 48/36 bit

    To use this scanner the personal computer is necessary which is compatible with architecture Intel and Windows.
    This scanner is works in Windows 95/98 и Windows NT Workstation 4.0 now.
    There are two updatings - for work with USB by the trunk, and LPT.
    The port of the printer should support the specification EPP или ECP - an Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) or Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). LPT of my computer has appeared such. An additional card of the interface therefore was not required which supports technology EPP or ECP!

  • Study of the program CuteFTP and others programs care of the data on protocol FTP

    Study of sound formats, of data

    Algorithms creation Web - page

    The analysis of the reasons of a low level of development Internet in Russia

    Creation of multi-media dissertation

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